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Back again

After a long break forced upon us by technical problems, good to be back again. There can be no guarantee that posts will be daily, but we will do our best.

This week has seen the anniversary of the death, in the year 869, of St Cyril.

Cyril had been known until the very end of his life as Constantine, and, together with his brother Methodius, had been responsible for taking the Christian faith to the Slavic world, particularly the areas we now know as Ukraine and Bulgaria.

Born into a Christian family in Thessalonika, the two brothers were held responsible for devising the Glagolitic alphabet, which developed into the Cyrillic alphabet used now across large parts of the Eastern world. Thus they were able to translate scriptures so that people in the Slavic kingdoms could understand them. The brothers are highly venerated as saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

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