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St Cuthbert

Legend has it that, as a boy Cuthbert was minding sheep on a mountain near Melrose when he had a vision of angels taking Aidan, the founding Bishop of Lindisfarne, up to heaven. It turned out that Aidan had died that very same night.

Cuthbert later joined the community at Melrose Abbey and became a monk. He later became Bishop at Lindisfarne himself, before returning to his preferred life as a hermit, until his death in 687.

This prayer comes from the Northumbria Community's Cuthbert Compline:

O God, and Spirit, and Jesu, the Three,

from the crown of my head, O Trinity,

to the soles of my feet mine offering be.

Come I unto Thee, O Jesu, my King -

O Jesu, do Thou be my sheltering.


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