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Saturday, 27th February, 2021

A friend sent this image last week. I don't know where this sculpture is, or who made it, but don't we all know the feeling of weight, pulling us down, that is clear in the lower figure? These last few weeks perhaps even more of us have felt that weight, as the winter months have dragged on, we are realising that now a whole year has passed in this weird limbo. Many people are feeling heavy, falling even, in just the way we can see here.

But I wonder who the figure at the top is? He is clearly there to help, is literally the only thing stopping his friend from falling, he is just the person who needs to be there at this time.

Whether that is a friend, or a family member, maybe even a passing stranger, anybody sent by God, but also possibly even God himself, I pray that each of us has such a one to hold on to us when we need them

God bless

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