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  • Rev Annabelle Elletson

Together with other church bells across the country, St Peter's bell tolled up until noon today, then standing silent with the community for one minute, as we reflected on the changes and losses of the last year. When the final toll finished, the candle was lit and the prayer said, in unity with the rest of the country, for remembrance and hope.

  • Rev Annabelle Elletson

In case you have not heard about it, tomorrow, 23rd March, the Loss & Hope Foundation, together with Marie Curie, are leading a National Day of Remembrance to mark the anniversary of the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. This is a day when all those who have been lost, who are mourning, or who have been badly affected, will be thought of, with prayer and acknowledgment. Across the the country church bells will toll and hold one minute of silence for reflection on what we have lost. In many churches, schools and other public places candles will also be lit, and a specially written prayer said. Daffodils will feature widely, in windows, on posters, as gifts left on doorsteps.

In Llanbedr the church bell will toll, and mark the one minute for reflection, and then the prayer will be said and a candle lit in the church. The children in the school, who can hear the bell toll, will stop to reflect, and also say the prayer. The children are making daffodils to put on the school fence and in the window.

And the prayer is here:

Dear God, Be with us as we think about all that has changed this year, And help us to trust that you are always with us. Be close to us as we remember those who have died, And help us to trust they are at peace with you. Show us how to reach out to others with kindness and care , So that hope shines out in every heart and home, Amen

  • Rev Annabelle Elletson

Legend has it that, as a boy Cuthbert was minding sheep on a mountain near Melrose when he had a vision of angels taking Aidan, the founding Bishop of Lindisfarne, up to heaven. It turned out that Aidan had died that very same night.

Cuthbert later joined the community at Melrose Abbey and became a monk. He later became Bishop at Lindisfarne himself, before returning to his preferred life as a hermit, until his death in 687.

This prayer comes from the Northumbria Community's Cuthbert Compline:

O God, and Spirit, and Jesu, the Three,

from the crown of my head, O Trinity,

to the soles of my feet mine offering be.

Come I unto Thee, O Jesu, my King -

O Jesu, do Thou be my sheltering.


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