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  • Rev Annabelle Elletson

Very excitingly, we have a series of chamber music concerts starting tomorrow, 6th June, and continuing through June. Details are on the Home page, and although booking is essential in order manage numbers tickets are free and everyone is welcome.

Hopefully see you soon.

  • Rev Annabelle Elletson

We could be forgiven for thinking that we are seeing the end of the pandemic coming into sight, but for many there is still a lot of grief to deal with, countries still battling the virus, people now contending with other illness that have gone untreated over the past year. We are still in need of prayer for healing. This comes from the Northumbria Community's first book of Celtic Daily Prayer:

At every moment of our existence

You are present to us, Father,

in gentle compassion.

Help us to be present

to one another,

so that our presence

may be a strength

that heals the wounds of time

and gives hope that is for all persons

through Jesus, our Lord and Brother.

Weston Priory, Vermont

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  • Rev Annabelle Elletson

A few days ago the Countess of Wessex described the Duke of Edinburgh’s death thus:

‘ gentle, it was just like someone took him by the hand and off he went. It was very, very peaceful and that’s all you want for somebody, isn’t it?’

Perhaps she had in mind Bishop George Appleton’s prayer:

‘Looking Forward’

There will come a time, O Lord

when my links with earth grow weaker

when my powers fail

when I must bid farewell to dear ones

still rooted in this life

with their tasks to fulfil

and their loved ones to care for

when I must detach myself

from the loveliest of things

and begin the lonely journey.

Then I shall hear the voice

of my beloved Christ, saying

‘It is I, be not afraid.’

So with my hand in his

from the seeming dark valley

I shall see the shining City of God

and climb with trusting steps

and be met by the Father of souls

and be clasped in the everlasting arms,

which have always been underneath me.’

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